Dr. D. Y. Patil School of Design

Life Pulse on Campus

Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth Building, Pune

Life @DPU

We at D. Y. Patil University recognise that the time students spend at university is one of the significant parts of their lives. Keeping this view in mind, we have predominantly established a dynamic campus where students enjoy a life outside of their classroom. Students acquire vital life values such as discipline, honesty, teamwork, responsibility, punctualityas well as other life-teaching skills, on our campus.

Our campus is a hub of recreation, with several associations that let students develop their unique abilities and become engaged in a variety of groups and committees throughout the year to showcase them.

Design education at D.Y. Patil University is based on a dynamic and creative culture in which students develop and involve themselves in various extracurricular activities. This not only assists students towards becoming well-rounded professionals, but also in being excellent individuals.

Campus invites students not only from India but other countries too. DPU has always believed in a meaningful approach in the overall development of students while they are on campus. To make their learning fruitful to achieve their career and social goals, it is our endeavour to go beyond their expectations. Program relevant necessary infrastructure, talent source, value additions is one thing that we never compromise, at the same time what we care to offer students is the comfort, security, a peace of mind and culture to elevate life on campus.

We strongly believe that personality is developed and nurtured by encouraging students to unleash themselves and recognize their own potential. Students do understand that they are here to make the most in their career goals; life is not about being successful in the career, it is about crafting a balanced life. On campus, we appreciate students who are versatile and enjoy being in one or the other areas that they really love. Cultural activities, Sports, festivals, annual fests, inter-school/college, state, district, national level events are something they can look up to.

If the world is a design and the change is constant, a student here has enough opportunities to be a creator of one.

Creation needs an ability to think, be creative, be logical, be assertive, ability to observe, ability to pursue, be patient and be different. We have more than enough amenities and state-of-the-art infrastructure to assist you in your own creation.

Amenities at the Campus

Accommodation Facility

The institution offers separate hostel facilities for boys and girls.Every academic year, single or shared occupancy hostel rooms are assigned. Certain rules and regulations must be followed by the students residing in the hostel campus. The hostel is looked after the warden and every student is responsible for his personal belongings.

Auditoriums and Seminar Halls

The Institution provides large auditoriums with cutting-edge equipment to ensure that programmes as well as seminars are run smoothly.


The Institution offers an on-campus cafeteria that is intended to reflect current youth preferences and serves a wide range of dishes that our students may like.