Dr. D. Y. Patil School of Design

Institute Innovation Council (IIC)

Sr. No. Constitution Name Post at Institute Contact Details Designation in committee
1 Head of the Institution Dr. Kumar Venkataraman Director 97919-03822/ principal.sod@dpu.edu.in Chairperson
2 Head of the Committee Mr. Somesh Gurao Assistant Professor 7776036465/ somesh.gurao@dpu.edu.in Member Secretary
3 Representatives of faculty members Dr. Siddhantkumar V Wadmare Assistant Professor 9657039970/ siddhant.wadmare@dpu.edu.in Member
Dr. Jyoti Sawant Assistant Professor 7357037078/ jyoti.sawant@dpu.edu.in Member
Mrs. Smruti Jadhav Assistant Professor 9858115385/ smruti.jadhav@dpu.edu.in  Member
Ms. Sai Sravanthi Bobbili Assistant Professor 9618211199/ sai.bobbili@dpu.edu.in Member
Mr. Sandip Bhokare Assistant Professor 9373177749/ sandip.bhokare@dpu.edu.in Member
Mr. Bhavesh Patil Assistant Professor 9175806265/ bhavesh.patil@dpu.edu.in Member
4 Representatives of Non-teaching faculty members Mrs. Jyotsna Khade HOD Placement 7887822332/ placement.sod@dpu.edu.in Innovation activity Coordinator