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Communication design, traditionally known as graphic design, is the creation of visuals that spread messages and meanings in new and relevant ways. To do this, communication designers use new emergent media and technologies to collaborate and be responsive to the needs of businesses, communities and organisations.

Communication Design is a component of design that uses visuals that strategically convey a message or express information. Communication Designers take an approach to engage their viewers and communicate the data and knowledge in the message clearly, majorly through print or electronic media.

communication design would be a bit more beneficial as it is related to graphic designing, web design, corporate branding, etc which involves more jobs related to computers.

About B. Design in Communication Design

Communication Design course will enable students, learn the right skills required for effectively conveying a message or information to the audience or users of the company. students with images, as well as texts to design and create visually appealing logos, brochures advertisements and posters. With a great demand of communication design in the industry today, one can expect it to flourish more in the future. With the right knowledge gained in this course, one will be able to work in the fields of advertising, media, television, radio, UX design, animation, video editing, magazines and newspapers with great confidence.

Program Outcome

Program outcomes Img

Tuition Fee

Tuition Fee | INR 3,00,000/- per annum


*Eligibility Examination and Hostel fee will be in addition to the program tuition fee and may change to the discretion of the management

*The annual fee will be increased by 3% after every academic year

Course Highlights

  • Develop process of creating verbal, non-verbal, visual and written communication to inform, persuade and communicate with the right audience.
  • Assist students in seeking clarity on fundamentals of communication design.
  • Basic to advance knowledge about the principles, practices, concepts, ideas, strategies, methodology, tools and techniques to use in communication design.
  • Hi-tech, computer labs, internet bandwidth, tools and technology, to practice skills and techniques for industry readiness.
  • Develop ability to create characters, effects, thought-process-flow, scripting the thoughts through communication.
  • 100% assistance for placements and projects.

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Scope of Career

As a Professional

Interior Designer
Graphic Designer
Spatial Designer
Advertising Manager
Set Designer
Video Editor
Modular Space Designer
Art Director
Studio Designer
User Experience (UX) Designer
Visual Merchandiser
Package Designer
Project Managers
Logo Identity and Branding
Project Managers
Information Designer
Project Managers
Print Media Designer
Project Managers
Digital Marketing Manager
Project Managers
Project Managers
Type Designer


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