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Bachelors of Applied Arts & Craft in Graphic Design & Animation / VFX



Bachelors of Applied Arts & Craft in Graphic Design & Animation / VFXat D.Y Patil Universityis spread across 8 semesters over a span of 4 years is a professional curriculum for students who desire to develop innovative communication abilities as well as the creative perspectives through traditional and contemporary media.

In a broader perspective, Applied Arts & Craft in Graphic Design & Animation / VFXencompasses anything from printed material to interactive displays, all of which are used to engage, educate, and interact with individuals. TheBachelors of Applied Arts & Craft in Graphic Design & Animation / VFX at our University will provide you with a solid foundation in innovation, creative thinking, visual presentation, aesthetics, and communication.

The creative concepts that drive numerous current media trends as well as means of communication will be taught efficiently to the students by our experienced faculty. Portraits, documentaries, print advertising, and digital media are few of the examples of the curriculum.

Conceptual and applied understanding of composition, colour, and general art philosophy are often developed by students post completion of the course. The extensive program will also assist students in improving their understanding of contemporary design applications and design software. The prime objective of this program is to educate students for achieving a career in Applied Arts & Craft in Graphic Design & Animation / VFXas well as effective decision makers in the professional world.

Since Interpretation, innovation, and invention are all part of the design process, this particular curriculum is about integrating and interacting with project - based learning, research designs, and design practice. At the end of the course, students turned designers will use a combination of graphics, words, shades, and symbols to express their thoughts creatively.

Program Outcome

Program outcomes Img

Tuition Fee

Tuition Fee | INR 3,00,000/- per annum


*Eligibility Examination and Hostel fee will be in addition to the program tuition fee and may change to the discretion of the management

*The annual fee will be increased by 3% after every academic year

Course Highlights

  • To enhance students with optimum skills into communication design, graphics and analytics.
  • Understand digital and conventional drawing methods to communicate ideas through graphics.
  • To recognise the factors that influence design decisions based on recent market trends.
  • To identify and examine the industry's design and development processes.
  • To provide plenty of opportunities to cultivate creative and innovative thinking, as well as the essential technical skills to place unique design ideas.
  • The capacity to build an integrated approach through analytical, speculative, critical and reflective problem-solving skills as well as comprehend the scenario using a client centric design approach.
  • To deliver strong insights of technical, administrative, and design elements, as well as significant access to real circumstances, so that students will see how cognitive, aesthetic, and other creative talents can be applied benefit the individuals or industry.
  • The program provides hands-on experience with a variety of design tools, such as illustrator and Corel Draw.
  • 100% Placement Assistance will be provided post completion of the course.

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Scope of Career

As a Professional

Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer
Communication/Interaction Designer
Interaction Designer
Layout Artist
Layout Artist
Design Manager
Design Manager
UX Designer
UX Designer
System Designer
System Designer
Web Designer
Web Designer
Product Design Manager
Product Design Manager


We believe in guiding students through many professional arenas while also providing them with the most up-to-date design trends and technology. We understand that every design specialty necessitates elegance and imagination, therefore we assist ambitious and accomplished artists in accomplishing goals and living the lifestyle they know they deserve.

It may be necessary to push one's horizons in order to be more productive, but we are here to help them through every step along the way, from studying new and emerging market trends in graphics, animations, and visual designs, as well as adaptable technologies used in the Applied Arts Industry.

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